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In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, London College of Music Examinations has confirmed they will be offering candidates full graded examinations via on-line submission. These exams are different from the performance awards that I have spoken about to pupils. These are also an alternative to pupils who have always been intending to submit an on-line performance award.

This basically allows pupils to be recorded instead of doing a face-to-face exam. The on-line exam covers all the elements that would appear in a normal graded exam. If you choose this option, I will talk you through the specifics, but you have already covered everything in your lessons. The good news is that we no longer need to learn any new pieces in order to prepare for an alternative performance award.

We simply need to keep practising the material we have already worked on in lessons.

Pupils can upload the videos themselves from home. I would however recommend waiting until I can film these. The requirements are quite specific about camera and audio quality. There are also certain scales and chords that need to be played. There are also some specific questions that need to be answered verbally while being recorded. I think it would be a smoother process if I guided pupils through this rather than trying to meet the requirements and record themselves. The recording of the exam will take place at my home even if you normally have lessons in your own home.


LCM have not confirmed yet when this is going to be launched but I am quite sure that this will be up and running for anyone who as intending to take an exam Summer (July) or Winter (November) session 2020.

I am aware that not all pupils are taking on-line lessons and we will need to make up for lost time. Pupils who are doing on-line lessons will still probably need a few face to face lessons to get up to speed with the on-line exam format.

With that in mind I am proposing the follow timetable assuming that social distancing regulations are relaxed by about mid-May / early June:

1. Begin Face to Face lessons again around mid-May and early June. Lessons will carry into July to allow pupils to catch up and become familiar with the on-line exam format.

2. Exam recordings will take place over the first two Weeks of August. I am allowing 1 hour to complete the recording and upload the submission while the pupil & parent is present. Parents are required to be present if pupils are under 18. This will also give time to create an on-line account for new pupils. Parents/pupils will also make payment for the exam during the submission process. Pricing is still to be confirmed but I imagine that this will be the same as standard exams.

3. A break during the last two weeks of August while we await results.

4. Begin Lessons as normal again in September and progress to the next grade.

What are your options?

  1. Opt for an on-line exam. I will guide your through preparing for this. Most pupils have already covered nearly everything required for this.
  2. Continue with on-line lessons but wait until face to face exams become available again
  3. Wait until face to face lessons resume in May/June (hopefully) and prepare for an exam either on-line or face to face with an examiner when available.
  4. Wait until September and resume lessons then.

What Next?

Please contact me on 07841163179 letting me know if you are interested in the option of on-line exams or any of the other options.